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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  February 4, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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good evening. we begin with breaking news tonight, we're getting reports from mcpherson square in d.c. that a police officer has been hurt after a fro tester apparently threw a brick at him. you're looking at some video of an officer being helped off the ground of mcpherson square. we were told by u.s. park police that an officer was hit in the face by a brick. we don't know if this is the officer, he's being helped into a car and then whisked away.
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riot team on scene, people are not being allowed on to the grounds and there's about 100 or so gathered on k-street. we have cameras in that area, but a u.s. park police officer hit in the face with a brick at the occupied d.c. site. this comes after this morning park police officers going in and doing some endorsement activities to clear out some of the campers who may have been in mcpherson square. >> reporter: as a helicopter hovered above, mounted police and others in riot gear moved in on the ground. and demonstrate foors assembled their own -- after some pushing and shoving, confrontations
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didn't escalate much beyond that. soon metal fences went up in the park and around its perimeter. as a result fewer tents and more compliance on the ban. >> we moved into the park to enforce the camping regulations, this camping is a nuisance abatement. >> they told us this morning that they were going to be removing tents that weren't in compliance. >> reporter: some protesters chose to be arrested to make a point. others sought to make the same point and got different results. mcpherson square continued to show some degree of wear from the occupation which started last october and this was among the most eventful day since it began. >> this is just the end of act one, man.
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>> reporter: at mcpherson square, derick ward, news4. and our other big story this morning is the weather. a lot of viewers seeing rain and snow right now. this is video of i-270 in the clarksville area. >> yes, indeed, rain mixing with and changing to snow in areas very close to washington, just above the capitol belt way, northern montgomery out towards frederick, maryland. current temperatures just above the freezing mark here in washington, temperatures at 40 degrees, 34 in gaithersberg, 32 in frederick, and 33 in martinsberg. and here you can see on radar rain mixing with and changing to snow, in the northern half of montgomery county, snowflakes being reported. here you can see is the green changing over to white as the
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snow line is sneaking its way down towards the capital belt way. still doesn't look like any serious accumulations coming our way, probably about an inch or two on mostly grassy surfaces, road beds are generally fairly warm. we'll talk about this evening's snow and your forecast coming up. an anne arundel cap was part of the raid on juniper street in shady sides thursday night. the suspects told police that alexander tipped them off. they were able to move 820 pounds of marijuana to a another location. >> corporal alexander was knowledgeable of these folks and had had some prior contact with them. that's what we're looking at now. >> alexander was arrested and has been placed on desk duty
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during the investigation, he's charged with obstruction and hindering a police investigation. in prince george's county, an officer had to fire his gun during an attempted robbery. this happened in brentwood last night. 19-year-old ryan keith dorn reached for a -- dorm has been charged with attempting disarm a police officer. turning now to decision 2012, the gop presidential race has moved to nevada, the caucuses are underway in that state. >> reporter: caucus day in nevada, a chance for neighbors like these to put their mark on the gop nomination. it is the fifth contest in the
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presidential primary season and it's a chance for mitt romney to quiet critic who is think he can't connect with conservatives. >> mr. gingrich wants to fundamentally transform america, he wants to change us into something we may not recognize. >> reporter: it is also meant to deflect criticism from his comment earlier that the poor didn't need tax cuts. >> i think we need to be concerned about 100% of the american people. >> reporter: for newt gingrich a and -- to show his focus on caucus states. >> i want to thank you for coming out and with all the enthusiasm. i think that we have reason to be optimistic. >> showdown in the silver state, the first test out west for the gop candidate. >> whatever happens in vegas
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won't stay there, the minnesota and colorado caucuses are just three days away. brian moore, nbc news, washington. if you're taking metro from northern virginia to d.c. this weekend, expect some delays, because of track work, free shuttle buss are running between the stations, there will also be single tracking on the red line between van necessass and frien heights. all that should be done by monday morning. and still ahead on news4. >> three, two, one. >> making a splash in fairfax county. why today was the perfect day for some people to go for a dip. and we're heading off to indianapolis where the big game is just one day away.
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it was like really, really cold. like ice. >> yeah, it was. more than 150 people took an icy plunge in the reston area today. they jumped into 40-degree water to raise money for lake sunshine. it's a retreat for children with life threatening diseases and they wants. there's a guy from d.c. who's getting ready to wow super bowl viewers with his commercial's debut.
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♪ pizza ♪ any pizza ♪ any way you like it >> the 31-year-old contract switch board operator from the department of justice says he's always had a passion for music and rapping. he created a drum pattern and got to writing, he never thought he would be chosen. now he's counting the hours when his ads lights up millions of tvs on super bowl sunday. >> it's still surreal for me. you know, it's just amazing. it's almost unexplainable, if that's a word. >> pretty impressive. johnson's jingle will debut in a prime time slot just before the kick kwau kickoff. he gets a free pizza for a year. all week we have been
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getting reports from indianapolis. a little bit later on tonight they'll continue their talk with legendary redskins coach joe gibbs and you can watch the game tomorrow only on nbc 4. and after a short break we head out to indianapolis ahead of the super bowl. plus, chuck's back to tell us more about this snow.
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tomorrow is the big day, we will stop talking about the super bowl and actually play the game. the countdown clock continues to tick down right now. we are at one day and counting until the giants and patriots
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rematch in super bowl xlvi. you're looking at live pictures from indianapolis. this is, you know, they're moving around a little bit. this is the picture, lots of traffic there at indianapolis. a t of people already on the ground for the big game, from the fans to the tv crews, everyone making last preparations for the super bowl. >> reporter: rain clouds and colder weather pushed a lot of the pre-game inside on saturday. but it's done little to slow the pace here. more than 200,000 people have already poured through the nfl experience in indy, that's a new record. mostly fun, mostly games. but on the eve of the big game, it's also a time for the competition to start getting serious. >> you want a piece of me? are you ready for action? >> reporter: 6 1/2-year-old lucy doesn't stand a chance, look in her eyes, he's scared.
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are you kidding me? i'm not even sure her shoes were legal. i think they lit all. that was just a warmup anyway. now a chance to show my real speed. whatever. i had the outside lane, it's been slow all day. inside lucas oil stadium, another group of kids got a chance of a lifetime. >> it's huge, it's the biggest game in all of sports and we're going to be a part and help out. >> reporter: the tigers football team played the role of patriots and giants to give the camera crews a chance to run through on the eve of super bowl sunday. >> so that we can rehearse and have the best possible broadcast in front of 150 million people on sunday night. >> reporter: fine-tuning the game plan and having a great time, with kickoff now just a day away. and the party doesn't show any signs of slowing down, regardless of the weather, which
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by the way is supposed to be much better here on game day. jay gray, nbc news, indianapolis. >> and of course, you can watch the super bowl tomorrow night, right here on nbc 4, the patriots and giants kick off at 6:29. after the game, you can watch the season 2 premier of "the voice" followed by news4 at 11:00. >> a little rain, a little snow. >> it's coming in ahead of schedule and may be leaving ahead of schedule. a cold wind in the -- gaithersberg and rockville, so be ready for some snowflakes around here this evening. luckily most of the roads are still above freezing, so we may have some slushy spots but no major problems, just take it easy and slow down a bit. right now outside, in the city of washington, rain pretty much
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all the way around the capitol belt way. you don't have to go very far before the snowflakes start mixing on it. at national, 40 degrees. but notice how much colder it gets as you get into central and northern montgomery county, upper 30s in fairfax county. further out towards the blue ridge. hagers town is at 34. now as i mention, the snow comes in a little faster, but already the back end of the snow is moving across the panhandle of virginia. right along the 270 corridor, through the middle of mompbt bombry county now, you can see the snowflakes just about on to the northern parts of capitol belt way, there you can get a sense that this is all moving out fairly quickly now, there's a lot of dry air out west. so we'll get a little bit of a break here, there's still a chance for a little more
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moisture early to late tomorrow morning. not much of a major accumulat n accumulation. a little hint of some snow right along the blue ridge and the shenandoah valley. some dryer and chillier air moves in, and then back to work and school on monday, sunshine returns as that area of low pressure skirts just to the south. we may have a few more clouds monday, but for now it looks prettygood. the rain and snow mixing in around the city. by 11:00 tonight, it's already showing signs of tapering off. still a little bit of light snow around the blue hills and shenandoah valley. so for the rest of this evening, rain here in the d.c. metro area, but snow mixing in just to the north and west of downtown, overnight tonight, maybe one to two inches of snow, primarily on the grass, not too much of a problem on the roads, any
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precipitation will be gone long before about noontime, leaving us with highs in the low 40s. on monday and tuesday, may have a chance of some showers late monday into tuesday. hear what the hall of famer
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everybody's at the super bowl except for us. >> and that's fine. jim vance and dan hellie talking to joe gibbs, one of the best all-time coaches in history.
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and only four coaches in the history of the nfl have won three super bowls including new england's bill belichick and washington's joe gibbs. if you really want to sound like a pro at your super bowl party, drop this next level knowledge. joe gibbs is the only coach to win three super bowls with three different quashes, joe theismann, jim douglas and mark ripen. >> reporter: i think it's safe to say that our favorite interview this week has been with joe gibbs, you asked him a question that you've been asking several people this week. >> tony dungy, doc walker and others. i asked him if there's been any change in the character of the athletes playing in the nfl today, he had an interesting answer, i think. >> i coached in that one era and out a few years and then back. the thing that amazes me is that
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human nature is not going to change. 30 years from now it's going to be the same thing, i'm convinced. soive you're good at working with people, or if you're good working on a team and understand how a team works, it's going to be the same 20 years from now. i don't think human nature changes, so my answer is, yes, great guys then, great guys today. >> if i'm not mistaken, you're the only coach that won three super bowls with three different quarterbacks. do you see that happening again? that's pretty remarkable, joe. >> it probably can, records are meant to -- what i always lead off with, everybody hits me with that, one thing you left out, three great ones. let's get that straight. >> i think what joe was saying there is no matter what kind of coach you are, if you've got really quality players, you're going to look good. >> and i guess that's the key to
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victory, get some better players so you can start winning games again. just ask the coach. >> jim and dan thank you, you can see super bowl xlvi right here on nbc 4 tomorrow night at 6:30. hometown capitals is playing on the road. first period off the face-off here, top of your screen, den which is wideman, fires and scores. take another look here, wideman shoots a knuckle puck. that's pretty sweechlt his 10th goal of the season. third period, still 1-0 caps. he tries to stuff it back, rebound out of matt hendrix. 2-0, washington. hendrix gets his third goal of the season.
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later, alexander 7 gets a penalty shot. and he goes top shelf where mama hides the cookies. his 13th goal of the year and he's all smiles. the caps blank the canadiens. caps back at home tomorrow afternoon against boston, you can see that game here on nbc 4 at 12:30. college hoops now, huge game in college park today, maryland hosting number 6 north carolina, and for coach mark turgen. maryland has won three straight at home against north carolina. first half terps down two. barron wise. to nick faust for the bucket. unc time-out. roy williams not happy with his team.
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and things would continue to go the terps way. crossover, hits the floater. take another look. are you kidding me? this is awesome. stoglin had three at the break. alex lam turns it over. 16 air cyssists to john henson. just over a minute to go, tar heels up four, pullup jumper, got it. he had 18 points, rallies to beat maryland 83-734, the terps have lost five of their last 16 games. georgetown in south florida, tipping off at 11:00 a.m. this morning. henry simms gets it. nice move here, then knocks down the jumper. part of a 14-0 run. here's what helps the hoyas go
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on that 1-0 run. the bulls turn the ball over on nine straight possessions. second half, georgetown up 20, south florida, uh-huh, yeah, they turn it over again. one of 17 in the game. monster dunk. the hoyas have five players in double figures, georgetown crushes south florida, 75-45, improving to 8-3 in the big east. virginia tech beats clemson 67-65. >> all right, thank you, sir.
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